What Type of Claims Do Commercial Adjusters Handle? 

There are claims adjusters for just about every kind of loss imaginable. Commercial or public adjusters manage commercial property damage that can impact your business, employees, and customers. When managing an insurance claim, the process can be lengthy, stressful, and overwhelming. A public adjuster can handle the claim on your

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Tips for Working with an Independent Insurance Adjuster 

Working with an independent insurance adjuster can be beneficial throughout the claims process. Insurance claims can often be lengthy investigations that can take months to process claims. With independent insurance adjustors, they can quickly provide resolutions on insurance claims through fast, effective claims processes.   Making the best of the process

What Equipment Should a CAT Insurance Adjuster Have? 

If you are an independent adjuster, you know the job requires you to manage your business and understand what you need in the field. Because of the nature of the work and primarily working around storm damage and natural disasters, it’s essential to be prepared for every possibility. A CAT

How Much Can Insurance Adjusters Earn? 

You can have a fulfilling and lucrative career as an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters investigate an insurance claim to determine if the insurer should pay for any damages or injuries and determines the amount. The job involves taking photos and gathering information to compile it into a report.   As an


How to Deal with Your Home Flooding

Flooding can be a devastating loss that affects your mental and emotional well-being, even by minor flooding. On top of navigating the loss of your home or belongings, you must ensure you and your family are safe when dealing with contractors, adjustors, and insurance claims. You want to do everything

The Benefits of Independent Adjuster Firms 

Insurance companies are not uncommon hire independent adjuster firms to take on some of their workloads and work high-volume claims. Independent adjuster firms are knowledgeable and can offer high productivity and efficiency that can reflect well on the insurance company and improve the claimant experience. They can be a trusted