Catastrophic Claims Management & Adjusting Services

With an eight-year track record of exceeding client and policyholder expectations in catastrophic claims adjusting and management, BSA Claims Service is ready to take on any level of CAT claims. Our experienced team is trained to deliver an on-time, exemplary, work product, focusing on quick turnaround, delivering premier file quality, and outstanding customer service through immediate deployment of adjusters, establishing field offices, outstanding communication with policyholders and clients, and real-time tracking of claims processes.

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BSA Claims Service’s professional, experienced and well-trained trained adjusters are in the field within 24 hours of damage, with Team Leaders and other key staff on site, professionally handling operations. Our quick, accurate claims and outstanding customer service help control unnecessary costs.

BSA Claims Service CAT Disaster Response Plan Highlights

Rapid Response Time

Deployment of large teams of experienced adjusters for catastrophe claims management; policyholders are contacted within 24 hours of assignment; adjusters schedule inspections immediately and submit accurate, complete claim files within 24 hours of inspection. File reviewers complete assessments of files within 24 hours of receipt.

All Lines Claim Adjustment & Administration

Catastrophic and daily; personal, commercial and property; wind, flood, tornado, hail/ice and other weather-related events

Quality Field Inspections

Accurate and timely claims and coverage inspections by experienced adjusters backed up by corporate team leaders in the field; negotiations, settlements and payment of resolved claims in accordance with company policies and state regulations; field offices set up as soon as disaster area is accessible.



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We believe that insurance carriers should expect more from their partners. 

BSA Claims Service exceeds client expectations through first-rate claims administration focused on customer service, timely and accurate claim resolutions and compliance.