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Litigation Services

Appraisal & Litigation Services

The BSA Claims Service Appraisal and Litigation Specialty team works with public and private carriers in a cost-efficient manner focused on superior customer satisfaction for our clients, using our expert legal talent to resolve disputes in a timely and efficient manner.

Working from our continually-expanding Jacksonville Litigation Services Center, BSA Claims Service provides direct management and control, from file review and assessment, to investigation and assessment of claims to development and monitoring of disposition plans, to resolution of the claims. Our experienced Adjusters Level II Litigation Specialists have expertise spanning the insurance and construction industries and resolve disputes quickly and fairly.
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BSA Claims Service provides litigation management for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. BSA Claims Service also provides litigation specialty services to assist in handling disputed pre- and post-litigated claims. BSA Claims Service’s experience and understanding of the litigation process resolves the most difficult complex claim issues. Our Litigation Services Team provides litigated administrators and adjusters experienced in first and third-party property and liability claims to resolve disputes fairly.



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We believe that insurance carriers should expect more from their partners. 

BSA Claims Service exceeds client expectations through first-rate claims administration focused on customer service, timely and accurate claim resolutions and compliance.