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What Equipment Should a CAT Insurance Adjuster Have? 

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If you are an independent adjuster, you know the job requires you to manage your business and understand what you need in the field. Because of the nature of the work and primarily working around storm damage and natural disasters, it’s essential to be prepared for every possibility. A CAT kit can ensure you have all the tools and necessities you’ll need as you process claims adjustments. 

What is A CAT Kit? 

A CAT kit includes must-have tools that insurance adjusters need while working in weather-based jobs or during natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes. Natural disasters occur without warning, and you must be ready when it’s time to head out. Aside from the CAT kit, you need a reliable vehicle to manage rough terrain and hold all the necessary equipment. 

A CAT kit can be a suitcase, storage container, backpack, or whatever is easiest for you. Once a disaster strikes, you should be able to pack everything up quickly and hit the road. A CAT kit can also ensure you won’t forget any critical gear because it’s stored in one central place. Therefore, it’s easy to keep track of your stock when you have a prepared CAT kit. 

CAT Kit Necessary Tools  

Insurance adjusters must have the required tools ready to go when the worst happens. You’ll also need a ladder, as many jobs require climbing on roofs. A good, solid, safe ladder is vital to assess damages while ensuring your safety. One thing to consider is your vehicle should be able to transport your ladder easily. 

Within the toolkit, pack your laptop or tablet to manage the claim, keep notes, and fill out required documents while in the field. Include a good digital camera, measuring tape, a tool belt, and everything else needed to do the job and do it well. Other equipment to consider includes a clipboard, paper, pens, batteries, shingle gauges, and chalk. 

Personal Items  

Aside from tools, an insurance adjuster will need to pack up necessities in case they have to stay. If the job requires you to go out of town, you should pack a sleeping bag, pillows, and personal care items such as a toothbrush. It ensures you are prepared for anything that could happen in the field. While there may be hotels, you want to be ready for the worst. 

Having a fully stocked CAT kit as an insurance adjuster is essential to keep yourself well organized and prepared when the time comes. You’ll spend less time getting ready and more time on the site. This allows you to get the job done more efficiently and able to close claims quickly. 

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