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Tips for Working with an Independent Insurance Adjuster 

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Working with an independent insurance adjuster can be beneficial throughout the claims process. Insurance claims can often be lengthy investigations taking months to process claims. Independent insurance adjustors can quickly provide resolutions on insurance claims through fast and effective claims processes.  

Making the best of the process involves understanding their role in the claim and having detailed knowledge of the top tips for moving things along. These tips include flexibility, time management, understanding the role, and the importance of hiring an attorney. Read on to learn more about independent adjustors and what you need to know to ensure the claims process reaches resolutions without roadblocks.  

The Role of Independent Insurance Adjusters  

Insurance adjusters are the first person a claimant will speak or meet with after a claim is filed. They investigate the claim and work closely with the insured to establish the cause and extent of the damage or injuries. They are often the bridge of communication between the insured, the insurance company, and any other parties involved.  

The process involves thoroughly documenting every detail to determine the total amount of money the insurance company should pay to the person who has made a claim.  

The insurance adjuster’s role is essential in the claims process, and they must act in good faith. They must be experienced for a specific time before working in the field. The experience and in-depth knowledge of what is covered within the policy can help ensure the final claims process is fair and just. 

Time management 

When working with independent insurance adjusters, time management is critical to a smooth claims process. Independent insurance adjusters often travel, managing multiple claims at one time. Excellent time management allows them to focus on each claim when needed. It ensures optimal productivity that benefits all parties involved.  

To be efficient, independent insurance adjusters remove distractions such as email notifications and social media, and silence cell phones as they manage each claim. It depends on what works best for each adjuster. Managing documents, keeping everything in order, and avoiding distractions through effective time management allows independent insurance adjusters to close claims quickly. All while maintaining a good work-life balance.  


Independent insurance adjusters are more flexible than the average insurance adjuster on an insurance company’s payroll. They can set their schedule, work from home, take vacations, and work around their calendar. You can find independent insurance adjusters anywhere in the country. They often prefer to travel and stay for long periods at hotels or Airbnbs. Because of their flexibility, they can be an invaluable resource for any claims department or claimant.  

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

As the insured, filing an insurance claim can be stressful. When the insurer does not want to pay you the settlement you believe you deserve, hiring an attorney can make a significant difference in the success of your claim. Before working with an independent adjuster, meet with an attorney and review your unique situation. 

Attorneys can also be a helpful resource to determine if the amount offered by the insurance company is fair. Some attorneys specialize in working with insurance claims and understand the process. Finding an attorney to work with starts by asking friends and family or contacting the state’s bar association.   

Partnering with an independent insurance adjuster firm that you can trust can offer several benefits. You can ensure your insurance company provides quality and efficient service, while reducing the impact on your staff. Whether you need additional help to reduce the workload or add objectivity to your claims, these experts help.  

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