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Insurance Litigation

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What is insurance litigation?

It is common for individuals and businesses to purchase insurance to protect themselves from any possible catastrophic or unforeseeable event that may impact them. The people who purchase policies believe that insurance companies will act in good faith and do their best to process claims and deliver payments promptly and correctly. Unfortunately, insurance companies that fail to follow through with these obligations may find themselves brought into question through insurance litigation. Insurance litigation involves disputes concerning contracts or policies of insurance.

Types of insurance litigation

Customers can file a lawsuit against an insurance company because they believe it has shown “bad faith.” The term “bad faith” indicates that the insurance company has failed to make impertinent information known to the policyholder. It also indicates if they failed to inspect a claim on time or thoroughly. 

Other lawsuits that can be brought against insurance companies include unnecessary delays during the claims handling process. Thus, resulting in the withholding of claim payments. Policyholders may also sue if the insurance company refuses to investigate a claim filed properly. 

Customers may also bring a case against an insurance company due to the denial of a valid claim or if the company issues significantly less money than the claim’s actual value. Refusing to settle or negotiate a claim may also result in the policyholder filing suit against the insurance company.

What to do when facing an insurance claim

The insurance industry can be very confusing; therefore, hiring an attorney to handle the case is crucial. This is especially true if you are dealing with an insurance claim. An insurance attorney can assist you in deciding whether or not your lawsuit is worth the time, money, and effort to put in. An insurance lawyer can also provide you with an estimated cost of the value of your case, along with any other crucial information you may be unaware of.

Insurance claim attorneys are very experienced in various issues when it comes to insurance as they understand the complexities of the legal system. They can consult and provide expert advice on policyholders’ insurance coverage and how to handle claims on time. 

Insurance claim lawyers can also analyze policy forms for coverage and exclusions related to claims filed. Insurance attorneys can also assist policyholders who filed a claim that was denied. They can assist you with understanding the various options you may have and help you to determine what your next steps should be. 

Insurance is intended to protect its customers, and policyholders should be treated fairly by insurance companies. As previously stated, insurance companies must act in good faith. If they fail, legal action may be taken against the company to make them pay for any claims. Insurance claim lawyers will ensure your case is handled efficiently and effectively. 

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