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What Type of Claims Do Commercial Adjusters Handle? 

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There are claims adjusters for just about every kind of loss imaginable. Commercial or public adjusters manage commercial property damage that can impact your business, employees, and customers. When managing an insurance claim, the process can be lengthy, stressful, and overwhelming. However, a public adjuster can handle the claim on your behalf. Read on to learn about the types of claims these adjusters can be called on to manage.  

Business Interruption and Extra Expense Portion of Loss 

In the event of a loss, business interruption is a type of claim managed by insurance adjusters that can be complex. You are covered for expenses when you have business interruption and extra expense coverage on your insurance policy. This includes office space costs, equipment rentals, and advertising. Also, it covers any additional extra fee you would not typically need to pay if a loss had not occurred. 

Documenting every expense thoroughly is essential as you manage your claim. Professionals can help you streamline this type of coverage and help manage the complexities. Therefore, help you achieve an expedited settlement. 

Complex Claims 

Business or commercial claims are intricate and full of details. They can be more complex than the average insurance claim. Commercial adjusters are experienced and skilled in handling large, complex claims. They have a strong background in assessing damage and assigning compensation. In many complex claims, much of the damage isn’t properly documented. Thus, needs to be thoroughly evaluated before a commercial adjuster can detail what is owed and to whom. 

Complex claims with many coverages are challenging to evaluate and, if not managed well, can have significant consequences for insurance companies. A great commercial insurance adjuster can answer questions and provide explanations that can help you better understand the process. 

Navigate Communication Between the Insured, Insurance Companies, and Attorneys  

In commercial property claims, it’s common for the insured to hire attorneys to protect their business interests. Insurance claims can be lengthy processes, and too often, insurance companies will reduce the claim’s value. Then they will attempt to settle for less than is rightfully owed or deny it outright. Therefore, hiring an attorney can be essential in resolving disputes as a business owner. 

An attorney can work with your insurance adjusters and insurance companies, and act on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Attorneys are not required. Subsequently, if you feel comfortable, you can manage the claim independently. 

Choosing a Commercial Adjuster 

Choosing the right commercial adjuster after you suffer a significant loss can make a difference in how smoothly the insurance claims process moves along. Additionally, a commercial adjuster can work independently or through affiliation with insurance companies. They are experienced professionals that can guide you through the process while recovering lost property and benefits. 

When choosing an insurance adjuster, do your due diligence, ask questions, and research their background. Especially because there are many commercial adjusters to choose from and you want to work with someone you can trust, and who is flexible to your needs. 

Partnering with an independent insurance adjuster firm that you trust can offer several benefits. You can ensure your insurance company provides quality and efficient service while reducing the impact on your staff. Whether you need additional help to reduce the workload or to add objectivity to your claims, these experts help. 

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