Hurricane Alicia Hit Texas 35 Years Ago This Week

an old photo of a hotel on the beach

With winds of 115 mph, Hurricane Alicia pummeled the Gulf Coast as it made landfall on Texas soil August 18, 1983.
Alicia was a Category 3 storm, making landfall on Galveston’s west end near San Luis Pass. In addition to causing over $2 billion in damage, the storm killed 21 people.

The hurricane began as a front in the central Gulf of Mexico on August 15, 1983, and quickly strengthened until landfall three days later.

Hurricane Alicia was small and compact, producing between 5-10 inches of rain. However, it also spawned 23 tornadoes as it surged from the Gulf Coast to east Texas.
Four named storms formed during the 1983 hurricane season, proving that what matters most is where storms go, not how many form. Travis Herzog says it served as a tragic reminder that all it takes is one bad hurricane season for us, and that preparation is important.